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2018-19 Men's Basketball

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2017-18 Final Poll    
     #  4  Ind Wesleyan
     #  7  St Francis
     #18  Bethel
     #24  Marian

2016-17 Final Poll    
     #  3  Bethel
     #  4  Ind Wesleyan
     #15  St Francis
     #25  Taylor

2015-16 Final Poll    
     #  1  St Francis
     #  5  Ind Wesleyan
     #13  Bethel
     #29  Goshen

2014-15 Final Poll    
     #  1  Ind Wesleyan
     #  9  St Francis
     #10  Bethel
     #24  Grace
     #33  Mt Vernon

2013-14 Final Poll    
     #  1  Ind Wesleyan
     #10  Bethel
     #18  St Francis
     #22  Huntington

2012-13 Final Poll    
     #  9  Ind Wesleyan
     #17  Bethel
     #20  Grace
     #27  Taylor
     #37  Spring Arbor

2011-12 Final Poll    
     #11  Grace
     #13  Ind Wesleyan
     #19  Marian
     #23  St Francis
     #37  Spring Arbor

Statistical System Ratings

•   Comparative ratings of NAIA D2 teams are provided by few national statistical rating services.  Massey ratings begin in November; Wolfe and Rothman ratings are not available until the end of December.  By virture of their methodology, statistical system ratings are not meaningful until a sufficient number of games have been played.

•   National Computer Statistical Rating Systems:
Massey System Ratings (starts early Nov)

Rothman System Ratings (starts late Dec)

Wolfe System Ratings (starts late Dec)

•   The natural question is, "Why don't these systems agree with each other?"  Two reasons.  First, they consider different data and, second, they use different statistical methods.  Concerning input data:

  - The Massey System uses win/loss result, game site, strength of schedule, and points margin.

- The Wolfe System uses win/loss result, game site and strength of schedule.

- The Rothman System uses win/loss result and points margin.

- The RPI system uses win/loss result, game site, the opponent's win/loss result and site for each
of their games, and the season record of each opponents' opponents.

•   Concerning differences in statistical methods, no direct comparison can be made.  Rating systems consider their methodology proprietary.  Only the RPI methodology is published (see Rating Percentage Index).

NAIA Tournament and Polls

•   None of the above Statistical Rating Systems are officially used in producing the rankings of National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) teams or the seeding of teams in the NAIA National Tournament.  Rather, the NAIA Coaches Poll and Bracket Selection Committee are responsible for relative rankings.  Because most of the NAIA Coaches see only a small number of schools play over the course of a season, it's possible that their votes are influenced by these statistical systems.

•   Huntington University and the nine other schools of the Crossroads League are members of the NAIA, which includes approximately 230 colleges participating in two Divisions of basketball (see Member Schools for a complete list).  About 135 schools, including Crossroads League members, compete in Division II (D2) basketball.  D2 schools are allowed about half as much scholarship money as D1 schools.  This changes with completion of the 2019-20 season.  The NAIA will then become a single division in basketball.  At that time, all NAIA schools will be allowed scholarship money equivalent to eight scholarships.  In NAIA D2, the current limit is six.

•   The top teams in each Division are invited to a National Basketball Championship Tournament each year.  The format of the NAIA D2 Tournament can be found in the lower half of the Tournament Information page.  A brief explanation of how the teams are selected is provided on the NAIA Tournament Qualification page.  As noted above, this changes with completion of the 2019-20 season.

•   Current Ratings for NAIA D2 teams are provided on the NAIA Top 25 Poll page.  Ratings by conference by date appear at the top of that page; scroll down for links to the composite NAIA Coaches' Top 25 results by date.  Most years, all the teams rated in the Top 25 of the Final Poll receive berths in the NAIA D2 Tournament.

Crossroads League Tournament

•   Huntington University and the nine other schools of the Crossroads League also participate in a post-season conference tournament.  This tournament is the means whereby the Crossroads League determines which schools will be granted the conference's automatic berths at the NAIA Tournament.  The format of the Crossroads League (CL) Tournament can be found in the top half of the Tournament Information page.

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HU Success at the
National Tournament

NAIA Appearances: 8
NAIA Record: 11-8

2006: Runners-Up
2004: Sweet Sixteen
2003: Elite Eight
2001: Sweet Sixteen
2000: Final Four

Paul Harrington, Fort Wayne, IN