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2018-19 Men's Basketball

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CL Tournament
Record Since the
2000 Season: 20-12

CL Tournament
Championships Since
2000 Season: 4

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NAIA Tournament
Appearances: 8
Record: 11-8

CL Teams at the
2017 Tournament
  Ind Wesleyan
  St Francis

CL Teams at the
2016 Tournament
  Ind Wesleyan
  St Francis

CL Teams at the
2015 Tournament
  Ind Wesleyan
  St Francis

Tournament Information
•   If you're new to the Crossroads League and the NAIA, you may wonder how things happen around tournament time.  For instance, how are the teams selected, how are they seeded, when and where do they play?  It's easy to be confused by this because both tournament formats are unlike high school and all NAIA conferences don't conduct their tournaments the same way.  Further, the NAIA doesn't conduct its national tournament like the better-known NCAA.  So, here's some answers (learned by experience).
Crossroads League Tournament Q & A
•   When is the CL Tournament held?

Dates vary by year, but the CL Tournament begins Wednesday evening in February the week following the end of the CL Regular Season.  The Semifinal game is played Saturday afternoon of that same week, and the Championship game is played the next Tuesday evening.  The dates and times will appear in the Crossroads League Basketball Headlines (scroll down).
•   Where does the CL hold its tournament?

Unlike most tournaments, the games of the CL Tournament are not held on one floor, and they're not held at a neutral site.  Rather, simultaneous games are played in each round of the Tournament on the courts of higher seeded teams (giving those teams with better records a home-court advantage).

In the first round of the CL Tournament, four games are played Wednesday evening on the home courts of the four highest seeded teams.  In the second round, two games are played Saturday afternoon on the home courts of the highest seeded teams remaining in each bracket.  And the Championship Game is played on the home court of the highest seed remaining.
•   How are the CL Tournament seedings determined?

The teams are paired with a standard eight team bracket with the #1 seed playing the #8 seed; the #2 seed playing the #7 seed, and so on.  Seedings are determined by the Final League Standings with the first place team being the #1 seed, the second place team the #2 seed, etc.  The teams finishing ninth and tenth in the League are not included the Tournament.

If teams are tied in the Final Standings with identical CL Regular Season records, a tie-breaker system is used.  First, head-to-head records of the tied teams are compared.  If one team has the most Wins over the other(s), it is given the higher seed and the tie is broken.  If the teams have the same head-to-head records, their head-to-head records versus all other teams in the League are compared, in the order of the CL Standings, until the tie is broken.
•   Other than being CL Tournament Champions, is there any other benefit?

Yes, the CL Tournament Champion receives the automatic conference berth at the NAIA National Tournament.  As unlikely as the scenario may be, a team could finish 8th in the CL Standings, win the CL Tournament despite being seeded last, and be awarded one of the League's automatic berths at the NAIA National Tournament.
NAIA National Tournament Q & A
•   When is the NAIA tournament held?

The National Tournament for NAIA D2 Men's Basketball starts on first or second Wednesday of March.  The dates are published on the NAIA web site and details will be provided on the NAIA D2 Tournament Schedule page.  This changes with completion of the 2019-20 season.  The NAIA will then become a single division in basketball.  At that time, all NAIA schools will be allowed scholarship money equivalent to eight scholarships.  In NAIA D2, the current limit is six.
•   Where does the NAIA hold its tournament?

Unlike the CL tournament or the NCAA tournament, all NAIA D2 Tournament games are all played on the same floor.  While the location may vary, the current agreement is with the Sioux Falls Sports Authority, Sioux Fall, South Dakota, for the 2018 and 2019 national tournaments.  Dakota State University and Northwestern College will serve as co-hosts (see NAIA Championship Awarded to Sioux Falls).  As the D2 tournament time approaches, more information about the tournament will appear on the NAIA web site.  As noted above, this changes with completion of the 2019-20 season.
•   How many teams go to the NAIA tournament?

The NAIA National Tournament includes 32 teams selected from about 140 member schools who participate in NAIA D2 men's basketball.  A school listing can be seen by viewing the Division II Qualification Plan published annually by the NAIA.
•   How are the teams selected for the NAIA Tournament?

The national tournament qualification process is briefly described on the NAIA Tournament Qualification page.
•   How are the NAIA Tournament seedings determined?

It's a committee process somewhat similar to the NCAA process, but without official use of any statistical ratings.  The committee uses the NAIA Coaches Final Ratings (an opinion poll) as its initial guide, but imposes other factors, such as not wanting a team play another team of its own conference in first two rounds, and making sure the host schools play in prime time to maximize attendance and revenue.  As noted above, this will change at completion of the 2019-20 season.

A link to the NAIA Tournament bracket appears on the NAIA Division II Championship page (see NAIA Championship).  The bracket will be posted about about a week before the Tournament begins.

Paul Harrington, Fort Wayne, IN