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Forester Fan Forum Status . . .
  The Forester Fan Forum has been discontinued for several reasons, such as waning interest, frequent hacking, on-going operational issues, and better alternatives.  In addition to Facebook and Twitter sites operated by all teams, there are two traditional fan forums (listed below) hosting discussions similar to the Forester Fan Forum.

  • The Bethel Basketball Forum, which discusses Crossroads League and Wolverine-Hoosier Conference teams.

  • The Victory Sports Network, which provides coverage of all NAIA sports.  See NAIA D2 Conferences for a list of the five Region and Independent D2 forums.  See NAIA D2 Mid-Central Region for discussion of the Crossroads League, the Wolverine-Hoosier Conference, and the Chicagoland Collegiate Conference.


    Paul Harrington, Fort Wayne, IN